Meet the Team @ Alta Loma Dance Academy!


Meet Ms. Courtney!

Courtney Labat is a captivating performer, instructor, choreographer, and artist. This Louisiana native began her dance career at the age of three and has trained extensively in ballet, contemporary, lyrical, tap, and jazz. During her competition years, she took top honors both regionally and nationally for her jazz and lyrical performances. Her passion for dance along with her love of football lead her to become a member of the Louisiana State University Golden Girls. During her time with the Golden Girls, she was chosen to travel internationally to Hong Kong to perform in the prestigious Chinese New Year’s Parade. After receiving her Bachelors of Biology from Louisiana State University, Courtney became an NFL cheerleader, dancing and cheering for her favorite team the New Orleans Saints. Courtney was also an instructor and choreographer for both competitive and performance based studios. With her training, her students have received top awards at numerous competitions (KAR, Rainbow, Starpower, Tremaine, Starbound. etc.) and many have been selected for New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, American Ballet Theatre, Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre, and the Relativity School just to name a few. Professionally, Courtney has performed with Beyoncé, Destiny’s Child, the Jonas Brothers, Snoop Dog, Neil Patrick Harris, & Dave Bickler.  She has also worked with various choreographers and companies such as Fatima Robinson, Adrian Wiltshire, Disney, Lego, the NFL, DirecTV, Entertainment Tonight, and Chevron. In addition, Courtney has also judged for Showstopper National Dance Competition as well as numerous UDA high school and junior high team auditions & competitions! Ms. Courtney takes the greatest pride in helping her students achieve their highest potential and is extrememly excited to welcome all dancers joining the Alta Loma Dance Academy family!

Meet Ms. Rebecca!

Rebecca, a Central California native, was lucky enough to train under two Broadway professionals, JP Christensen and David Rosales, where she trained in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap and Hip Hop. As a member of her studios dance company for six years, Rebecca received top honors and received several awards regionally and nationally at different competitions and conventions throughout California and chosen was by DDO Artist Agency in LA for representation. Along with her studio training, she has attended the summer intensives “Before You Go Pro” in Long Beach and New York City Dance Alliance’s Summer Dance Intensive and acted as a dance assistant at Hollywood Connection Dance Convention and Competition. Rebecca has studied under choreographers/teachers such as Brooke Lipton (Glee), Troy Powell (Alvin Ailey), Robert Schultz (Modern Family), and SYTYCD’s Joey Dowling. 

Shortly after graduating high school Rebecca received the opportunity to start choreographing and instructing a competitive dance team and this is where she found her true passion for teaching. Over the years her students and choreography have received top honors in their respective divisions at competitions such as KAR, Starpower, Spotlight, Jump and Hollywood Connection. Rebecca enjoys working with dancers of all ages and skill levels. She is excited to continue sharing her passion and encouraging her students to be the best they can be. 

Rebecca is currently attending California State University Fullerton where she is majoring in Psychology. She hopes to one day combined her major and her love of dance to help share the therapeutic and healing powers of dance and movement. 

Meet Ms. Tae!

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Meet Ms. Bella!

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Meet Ms. Paige!

Paige was born and raised in Rancho Cucamonga, California and started dancing at a local studio at the age of seven. She has trained in styles such as hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, tap, and ballet. She is also trained in aerial silks and hammock. Paige was a member of the studio's competitive dance team and competed for about 10 years. She received many awards regionally and nationally throughout California and Nevada. Paige was also on her highshcool dance team, where she became the team captain and would choreograph for competitions and performances. After graduating high school, Paige joined an adult hip hop team called Elev8, where she discovered her passion for hip hop. This led her to compete at a competition called World of Dance. She also joined another team called Three-23 which allowed her to continue performing and competing. After years of being on both of these teams, she decided to audition for a hip hop team called Soul Fresh, which is lead by Ricky Cole (America's Best Dance Crew, Mary J Blige, World of Dance host). While on this team, she has performed at World of Dance, the BET Experience, the BET Celebrity Basketball game, Carnival, Jete, and many more. She also received many opportunities to perform and teach internationally in places such as Ireland, Holland, Switzerland, and Cancun. She continues to perform and teach internationally with Ricky Cole and Soul Fresh. Paige has also worked with choreographers such as Parris Goebel (Choreographer to Janet Jackson, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, etc.), Kaelynn Harris, Ysabelle Capitule, Mecnun Giasar, and more. She has also had the pleasure of being in music videos for Parris Goebel and JamieBoy. She is currently going to school at Utah State University online, where she is majoring in communication disorders, to become a Speech Language Pathologist. She hopes to one day start her career as an SLP, while continuing to teach dance to the youth. Paige loves teaching, and wants to spread her knowledge and passion for dance with her students. She hopes that dance helps her students to become confident, fearless, and passionate, just like it has helped her. 

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Meet Ms. Jessica!

We are very excited to add Miss Jessica Lark to our ALDA faculty!!! Her professional training took off her freshmen year of high school and continues today! Currently, she attends Mt San Antonio College, where she studies various styles of dance with a great focus on proper technique. In addition to taking dance courses, Jessica works continuously at broadening her career in the dance industry. During the summer, you can find her on staff at the world-renown, Woodward Camp for action sports and gymnastics as their dance coach.  In 2013 she landed a spot on the Disneyland’s Phineas and Ferb show in Anaheim, CA. She is currently a busy mom raising her first daughter Marlow, whom you may see around the studio from time to time!

Meet Ms. Gracie!

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Meet Ms. Megan!

Hi! Ms. Megan here! I have grown up in a family of performers, constantly putting on shows for any and every holiday or family gathering with my seven siblings because of my love for performing my parents put me in my first dance class at the age of three. I started in tap and ballet and continued to take classes in all kinds of styles through the years. In junior high, I began taking acting classes as well. In high school, I was part of the competitive color guard team, and as one of the captains, my team made it to nationals for the first time in my school's history. I went to John Paul the Great Catholic University for communications media with an emphasis in acting. While I was there, I started the university's first official dance club, where I taught my peers what I knew in a few different styles and arranged performance opportunities for the group. I have also choreographed numerous student films at the university, as well as the university's first musical production. I graduated in September of 2019 and immediately stumbled upon ALDA. I'm incredibly excited to teach here and continue to spread my love of dance to those who share the same passion. See you on the dance floor!

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Meet Ms. Challyce!

A native of California, Challyce began her dance journey at the age of 3 at Bre Dance Studio becoming proficient in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Modern, Contemporary and African. In addition to her training at Bre Dance Studio, she trained at Arroyo Valley High School, Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, California State Summer School for the Arts, the Alvin Ailey Summer Intensive and graduated at the top of her class with a cum lade from Alonzo King Lines/Dominican University of California.

As a performer she has worked with an array of companies such as Alonzo King Lines Ballet, Gregory Dawson Dance Company, tinypistol, IG Tanz, Adhesive Physical Theatre, Bühnenwerkstatt, Kosovo Ballet, Oper Graz and ATG Productions in the UK tour of West Side Story.

As a Director and Choreographer, she has produced work to sold out performances commissioned by the city of Graz and has produced work for Oper Graz gaining recognition as an emerging artist.

Challyce is now a freelance artist in Los Angeles and a instructor at Alta Loma Dance Academy.

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Meet Ms. Lauren!

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Meet Ms. Tiffany!

Tiffany Castellanos is one of the Dance Instructors here at Alta Loma Dance Academy. For 5 years Tiffany has been involved with many styles of dance including Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Tap and she began teaching at a young age. During her time in high school, many of her choreography pieces were chosen by the director to be taught and showcased with a group of intermediate to advance dancers. Additionally, Tiffany has won awards from “Best Performance” to “Best Choreography” that were both presented by her directors. 

Tiffany’s training continues as she is currently attending Mt. San Antonio College to pursue her passion and receive an AA in Dance. There she works with award winning faculty and gaining exceptional training on various forms of dance including Modern, Ballet, Jazz and etc. Tiffany’s goal as an instructor is to help each student to not only progress as a dancer, but to create an atmosphere where they may grow more confident and find their inner voice.

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Meet Mr. Tommie!

At just a young age Tommie displayed a deep passion for dance. He began his dance pursuits at Etiwanda High school through organizing and managing the students performing in the high school rallies. He also assembled a group of fellow students who rehearsed and perform Tommie’s own original choreography. Tommie also gained experience as a leader when later became student body government president and founded an all male step team called NuXi. In 2011 Tommie was awarded Etiwanda's Most Spirited senior award for his efforts to evoke school spirit using dance. Later that year, at Howard University in Washington DC as a communications major, Tommie juggled his studies with being a member of the Drew Hall step team where he endured training that was able to strengthen his abilities in precision and rhythm. Through discipline and hard work he was promoted to the coaching staff where he advocated for brotherhood and training using fundamentals and exercise. After two years in DC he redirected his career and moved back to California to train at various studios, including Stylez Dance Studio in West Covina where he was introduced to Barkada Modern (BMOD) dance team. Admiring their combination of intricate movements and musicality, he became a member in 2014 and got the opportunity to perform in multiple competitions throughout Southern California.  Inspired by his multifaceted background Tommie's style can best be described as a feel good unique groove that conveys a story. His passion is what drives his goal to impact the Hip Hop Dance community by inspiring young dancers to have confidence in themselves and in their art.

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Meet Ms. Lena!

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