Twinkle Babies30 minutes2-3Twinkle Babies is a great way to introduce tiny one to dance. This class is the perfect combination of proper ballet and tap technique to set a solid foundation all while incorporation tons of fun with props and lots of imagination!
Hip-Hop Minis30 minutes2-3Hip Hop Minis is a great way to introduce younger dancers to hip hop dance. These litle ones move and groove to hip hop music while learning the basic dance steps associated with hip hop dance.
Creative Movement30 minutes3-4This fun and energetic class is a great way to introduce your little one to dance. These tiny tots hop, skip, and gallop their way to improved gross motor skills, spacial awareness, coordination, balance, and rhythm needed for primary dance.
Creative Rhythm30 minutes3-4This fast pace class is designed to introduce your little one to tap dancing. We stomp, march, flap, and shuffle away while learning rhythm, coordination, timing, and basic tap technique.
Kids Bop30 minutes3-6Kids Bop is a great way to introduce younger dancers to jazz and hip hop dance. These energetic kiddos move and groove to upbeat music while learning the basic dance steps associated with jazz and hip hop dance.
Tumbling Tots30 minutes3-4Tumbling Tots is a great way to introduce little ones to Tumbling. These babies learn to point their toes, walk on the beam, and roll their way to greater coordination, attention, and strength needed for Acro classes!
Preballet45 minutes4-6Preballet is a more structured class geared toward introducing dancers to ballet. These dancers learn the basic positions, terminology, and steps of ballet.
Pre Acro Dance30 minutes4-6Pre Acro Dance is an introductory classes preparing your mini for all things Acro! These littles work on strength & flexiblity as well as set a foundation for rolls, handstands, bridges, kickovers, & walkovers.
Ballet/Tap Combo I & II60 minutes4-8A combo class is a great way to learn multiple genres of dance within a single class. These dancers explore a ballet/tap combination.
Basic Ballet60 minutes6-8Basic Ballet is the perfect beginning ballet class! These ballerinas focus on proper placement, basic positions, and the introductory ballet skills necessary for success in ballet. This class is typically taken more than one year to ensure a solid ballet foundation.
Ballet60 minutes7+The foundation of all dance styles. Your dancer will learn proper terminology and technique while improving their grace, poise, and self confidence. All ALDA ballet classes are highly structured and disciplined to ensure the best possible growth for all dancers.
Tap45-60 minutes5+Rhythm and timing are key components to tap dancing. These students also learn the proper terminology and technique unique to tapping.
Jazz45-60 minutes5+Jazz dance, like ballet, is founded in learning proper technique. Our jazz dancers also work to improve their flexibility, musicality, and performance quality.
Lyrical45-60 minutes5+Lyrical is a very expressive form of dance. These dancers learn to "tell their story" through movement all while improving their technique and flexibility.
Hip-Hop45-60 minutes5+Hip Hop focuses on rhythm, syncopation, and stage presence in a fun, action packed environment.
Stretch, Strength, Jumps, & Turns60 minutes5+This class is a full hour dedicated to stretching and strengthing dancers of any technique level. Dancers will perfect their splits, tilts, scorpions, as well as learn the proper ways to stretch and strengthen without causing injury. In addition, these dancers focus on proper technique for various leaps and turns.
Musical Theater60 minutes5+Musical theater class is a great option for those who love the dramatic arts with a hint of dancing. This class focuses on becoming a character and/or telling a story through expressive movement. This class is a great option for both the experienced dancer looking to improve performance quality and the beginning dancer looking for a entry level dance class that is a ton of fun!
Choreography60 minutes5+Choreography class is a great way for dancers to explore movement and learn to stylize the skills learned in technique class. These classes are geared toward the more serious dancer and require evaluation prior to enrollment.