ALDA Company Teams

The ALDA Company Team requires the highest level of talent, commitment, & dedication out of all of our programs. These dancers possess a passion for dance, outstanding work ethic, eagerness to learn & grow daily, great team spirit, and a need for the stage! What these dancers gain from their experience within the ALDA Company Team is priceless -- we create amazing dancers & amazing people!

Auditions for the ALDA Company Team are held in July each year!

Upon team selection, these dancers begin their season with a Team Bonding Nite!! We believe it is important for our dancers to spend a little quality time outside of rehearsal to get to know each other and begin the bonds & friendships that will blossom into a positive & supportive team spirit that is hard to miss!

At competitions we take that positivity with us. Our goal for the dancers is to do OUR BEST. We do not compare ourselves to others but push ourselfs to defy our own limits.  We are there to be supportive of others even to those outside of our studio. We are not focused solely on the "trophy" "title" or "highest score" but on motivating, inspiring, and educating the dancers in a way that is unmatched by any other sport or discipline. Through the ALDA Company Team, dancers learn time management, responsibility, self-discipline, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. In addition, these dancers develop self-confidence and a positive self-esteem that are invaluable!

We are extremely excited to begin our 3rd season with the ALDA Company Team & can't wait to create many more memories & friendships that will last a lifetime!