About ALDA

ALDA believes in creating a positive, family-friendly environment in which dancers of all ages and abilities can grow and develop to their highest potential. Our studio is the perfect place for your tiny dancer to learn their first plié & also a professional environment in which the more serious dancer can receive top-notch training. It is our goal to provide the finest in dance education as well as develop self-confidence and poise in all our dancers. We invite you to drop by the studio anytime to see what we are all about!

It’s never too early to start dancing! In addition to being tons of fun, early dancing leads to socialization benefits and improved self-esteem! See Classes

Children improve cognitive, physical, & social ability all while learning to express themselves creatively in a positive, nurturing environment.  See Classes

Commitment, passion, perseverance, and teamwork. Everything you need to learn in life, you’ll learn through dance. See Classes


Teen classes push dancers with routines that require advanced coordination, focus, and teamwork. See Classes

Our variety of themes to choose from allows you to create your unique, one of a kind birthday party! See Parties

Dance Camps & Master Classes: Dedicated and advanced dancers can continue to develop and improve their skills with our highest level classes. See Camps

Dancing isn’t just for kids! Have fun while improving your dexterity and balance to a familiar and exciting playlist. see classes


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